About The Arradondo Family

Benjamin Franklin Arradondo was born on April 4, 1890 in Kaufman, Texas. Willie Mae Grayson was born October 20, 1905 in Hitchita, Oklahoma. They married in 1923. Photo credit: Photo taken by John E. Arradondo after the wedding (1958) of Lillie Mae Arradondo and Ira Lawrence Lewis at New Hope Baptist Church in Altus, Oklahoma.
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About The Children

Genevieve Arradondo

Mar 13, 1912 - Apr 27, 2005

Genevieve was born March 13, 1912. She married Edward C. Lindsay in 1962 in California. Later she married Veo Jones, Sr.

Benjamin Franklin Arradondo, Jr.

Jan 3, 1914 - Oct 26, 1986

Benjamin was married to Carrye Lorraine Carr. He was a United States Army veteran and was a musician, playing with the military band and many well-known professional musicians.

William Temple Arradondo

Jan 8, 1916 - May 21, 1988

William was born in Kemp, Texas and was a military veteran.

Mederia David Arradondo

Mar 25, 1920 - Apr 8, 1983

Mederia was born in Dallas County, Texas. He was married to Henrietta Jacobs in Minneapolis, MN and later to Marie Searcy in Dallas, TX.

Aaron Alfred Arradondo

Aug 1, 1924 - Feb 22, 2021

Aaron was born in Dallas, Texas. Aaron was married to Georgia Soltis and later married to Inga Leyer. He was a World War II veteran of the United States Army Air Corps.

Robert Patrick Arradondo

May 26, 1927 - Jul 22, 2008

Robert "Bubba" was born in Creek County, Oklahoma. He was a veteran of the United States Army and Oklahoma National Guard.

Bobby Carnel Arradondo

Sep 3, 1928 - Mar 15, 1998

Bobby "BC" was a Korean War veteran.

Maggie Will Arradondo

Feb 11, 1930 - Dec 15, 2002

Maggie "Sister" was married to Elvin C. Collins and later married to Jimmie Bolden.

Bennie Lee Arradondo

Apr 3, 1931 - Jan 20, 1995

Bennie Lee was born in Milfay, Oklahoma. She was married to Lemoine Patterson, a United States Army veteran and later married to Paul Easterling, a United States Air Force and United States Army veteran.

Booker Theopolis Arradondo, Sr.

Feb 2, 1933 - Oct 14, 2000

Booker T. was born in Stroud, Oklahoma. He was married to Martha Ransom. He was a Korean War veteran of the United States Army.

Helen Arradondo

Jan 20, 1935 - Sep 17, 2015

Helen was married to Roscoe Wilson, a United States Air Force veteran.

Lillie Mae Arradondo

Lillie is married to Ira Lewis, a United States Army veteran.

Otho Charles Arradondo

Sep 18, 1938 - May 2, 2011

Otho married Gale Blondell Christmas on November 26, 1958. Otho was a retired veteran of the United States Air Force.

Arabella Arradondo

Feb 25, 1940 - Aug 7, 1940


John El Roy Arradondo

John is married to Jeanne Godwin. John is a veteran of the United States Army Officer Corps.

Wanda Rae Arradondo

Wanda was married to Charles Barker.

Billie Joe Arradondo

Nov 3, 1946 - Jan 4, 1947

Billie Joe was born in Headrick, Oklahoma.

Freddie Yvonne Arradondo

Dec 19, 1949 - Jan 4, 2005

Freddie was born in Altus, Oklahoma. She was married to Glen Player and later married Fred Ransom.

Never Forgotten

Lemoine "Bug" Patterson

Dec 19, 1956 - Nov 13, 1973

Bennie Lee Arradondo

Apr 3, 1931 - Jan 20, 1995

Paul Easterling

Jul 29, 1931 - Sep 27, 2004

Trina Nicole Gray

Jan 4, 1975 - Mar 18, 2016

Steven Paul Easterling

Jan 28, 1962 - Feb 15, 2019

Zondria Gai Patterson

Aug 2, 1955 - Mar 7, 2019

Carolyn Faye Arradondo-Bolden

Jul 23, 1953 - Feb 7, 2021